About IndEx Bahrain

A positive thought

A positive thought about the used books collection and the importance of protecting our earth discussed among a group of Indian Expatriates lives in the Kingdom of Bahrain. That was the beginning of IndEx Bahrain. IndEx started its first campaign as a motivation to children and parents about the importance of used textbooks, guides and question papers. Many of them were destroying or just keep dumping somewhere. There were some parents and students used to exchange used books before schools starts books distribution at the beginning of each academic year.

When we move forward with the campaign, the support from public was tremendous and unconditional. Thousands of parents and social workers came to donate the books. Same time, thousands of other parents and students make use of our collected used books. We used to keep the collection boxes at the premises of all the social, cultural, religious and political organizations throughout Bahrain. IndEx could fulfill the mission mainly with the support of Bahrain Keraleeya Samajam and its visionary leaders. All the years we have conducted books distribution at the Bahrain Keraleeya samajam auditorium.

Apart from the financial benefit by using the used textbooks, we could make the awareness among children about to protection of our earth and its resources. Reuse of textbooks will conserve resources, finances and will generate less paper waste besides educating the children to reuse and recycle and taking care of the environment.

In Bahrain, IndEx has become a destination for needy parents and children for used books in each academic year. Along with the books, we used to donate stationery products to the children and new school uniforms to the needy students. IndEx has vision about the children, education and their future. They will be our leaders tomorrow and we wish to shape them with the values and social commitments.

IndEx has intended their hands to charity and other socio and cultural activities as well.

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Mr. Rafeeq Abdullah


Mr.Sany Paul